Platform Advantages

New way to sell

Get a direct-to-consumer website with flexible, turn-key options for your business.

Complete customization

Everything is built to fit your business: the look, feel, product offerings and even the states you want to sell in.

Easy to use

A streamlined interface, simple language and functionality for both mobile and desktop make Revenue Booster a hassle-free experience for you and your clients with compliance guaranteed.

Product Advantages

Life and health insurance

Pick from our most popular products, features and riders to offer your clients more options to meet their needs – starting with term life, accidental death, income protection, critical illnessand accident insurance

Pre-qualification advantage

Automated field underwriting can help filter out denials early, allowing you to serve your clients better.

Instant decision

With instant decision and accelerated underwriting, it’s fast and easy for you to get your clients covered.

Revenue Booster bridges the gap to more sales, allowing significant increases in additional annual income without extra work. It's as easy as it sounds.
Bruce Carlton, CLU Director of Distribution iGroup

Prospecting Advantages

Reach new clients and get more from existing business

Get online tools that rival the latest insurtech and get you up and running fast – whether you’re into mortgage leads, recruiting a new P&C downline, or anything in between.

Cover more clients

Offer coverage that’s right for all sorts of clients – not just people who are young, healthy and preferred. More people through the decision engine means more business for you.

Partnership Advantages

Commitment to you

We are here to support you – the independent producer. We aren’t trying to disrupt the way you do business, just make it better.

Consultation and support

Once you have Revenue Booster, we’ll help you succeed with twice-annual consultations, detailed analytics and a suite of additional prospecting tools.

Ready when you are

Our team of experts will set up the entire experience for you – no coding, tech expertise or high development costs to worry about.

Better Business For You

  • Increase Sales

    Open untapped income streams without adding more staff or overhead.
  • Improve Productivity

    Reach new clients or get more business from the clients you have with less effort.
  • Adapt to Change Faster

    Stay ahead of the needs of the market and deliver an easier way for your clients to buy.

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